Get the download Android USB Driver

The Android USB Driver is needed for Windows if you want to perform ADB debugging with all kinds of Google Nexus devices. The separate hardware processer provides Windows drivers for all other devices, as listed in the OEM USB Drivers.

How do I Install Android USB Drivers?

It’s really comfortable, you can download the Android USB Driver for Windows in two easy steps. Check and follow any one of them.

However, If you get it from the Android SDK Manager as follows:

  1. Additionally, on the Android Platform, click Tools > SDK Manager.
  2. NOW, Click the SDK Tools tab, and get Google USB Driver.
  3. Get Choose Google USB Driver and click OKay. 🙂
SDK Manager with the Google USB
SDK Manager with the Google USB Driver selected

4. In Begin to install the bundle. When done, the driver files are downloaded into the android_sdk\extras\google\usb_driver\directory.

Get the SDK Manager to help you keep the driver up to date by informing you when your latest driver is out of date.

Download Universal ADB Drivers (all versions)

File Name File Size Files
Universal_ADB_Driver v1.0 8.44 MB
Universal_ADB_Driver v2.0 9.18 MB
Universal_ADB_Driver v3.0 9.22 MB
Universal_ADB_Driver v4.0 9.17 MB
Universal_ADB_Driver v5.0 9.22 MB
Universal_ADB_Driver v6.0 9.22 MB

Get the download OEM drivers

OEM, [Original Equipment Manufacturer]. If you utilize the issues CD and or USB drivers download for your hardware (printer, scanner, new graphics card, etc) then you apply the OEM drivers.

Additionally, find a suitable driver for your device from the OEM drivers list below.

OEM Drivers URL
Acer Acer Support
Alcatel Mobile Alcatel Support
Asus Asus Support Download Center
Blackberry Blackberry Support
Dell Dell Support
Fujitsu Fujitsu Android Develop
HTC HTC Support
Huawei Huawei Consumer Support
Intel Intel Software Android
Kyocera Kyocera Support Drivers
Lenovo Lenovo Support
LGE LG Support Firmware
Motorola Motorola Global Portal Support
MTK MTK Android USB Driver
Samsung Samsung Developer Support
Sharp Sharp Support
Sony Mobile Sony Mobile Download Drivers
Toshiba Toshiba Support
Xiaomi Xiaomi Support Detail
ZTE ZTE Support News

Oh! If you don’t see a link for the producer of your device here, go to the support section of the creator’s website and search for USB driver downloads for your device.

How to Install OEM USB drivers?

If you progress on Windows and need to connect a device for easy testing? then you need to install the USB driver. We are here to provide this page with links to the websites for some officially released (OEMs) drivers. Point If you can download the proper USB driver for your device.

Also, If you are succeed on Mac OS X or Linux, you must need a USB driver. However, If you’re connect and debug or any Google Nexus devices apply to Windows, then you needs to install the Android USB driver.

How to Install an Android USB driver?

Do you have downloaded your USB driver, follow the requirements below to install or improve the driver, build on your sort of Windows, and even if you are installing for the first time or improving an existing driver? Then see Appling Hardware Devices for other main info about using an Android device for success.

Operating Systems:

Windows 11 (64 bit)/ Windows 10/ Windows 10 (32×64 bit)/ Windows 7/ Windows 7 (32×64 bit)/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 8.1 (32×64 bit)/ Windows 8/ Windows 8 (32×64 bit)/ Windows View/ Windows Panorama (32×64 bit)/ Windows XP/ Windows XP (32×64 bit)

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