It should be clearly stated that we exercise no ownership over the brand and manufacturer names that appear on our website. They are fully and solely owned by the manufacturer himself. Any driver achieved through the use of the automated driver’s program will hence be considered to be under the responsibility, rules, policy and legal terms of the latter.

We strongly advise that you carefully read and comprehend the terms that are included on each manufacturer or brand’s website and proceed according to them.


Our website does not include a database of drivers in affiliation with any brand you will find on it. Because of that, we cannot give a direct route to these drivers from our website.

By pressing the link buttons on the website, you will start downloading the driver update utility that is connected to our website. It will enable a free scan of the drivers installed on your computer.

Please bear in mind that in order to fully utilize the driver update utility, you will have to register and make the necessary payment.

The name of the drivers spotted on the website does not indicate that we can access it directly. It also does not necessarily mean that the drivers will be on your computer when the scan is complete. Instead, the brands names, manufacturers or drivers are in fact devices or drivers’ names that might be located in the course of scanning your computer with the help of our driver update utility which in its turn may or may not come across and succeed in updating your computer with the relevant driver for any of your applications.

Finding a device/driver/brand name on the website does not necessarily mean that a specific driver can be found for this device. In addition, we cannot make a commitment that our driver update software (or other links that are put on the website) will succeed in finding the driver you are looking for.

The names of the manufacturers, devices or brands are an indication that it is worthwhile using the free scanning feature of the driver update utility prior to trying to locate and perform a manual installation of the required driver.

The current disclaimer is an integral part of the Terms of Use document. It is strongly recommended to go over this document prior to using any service our site offers.