How to fix driver errors – Drivers not working?

Fix Common Driver Associated Errors, drivers not working on Windows 7, Vista, or XP? Are sound drivers not working? USB drivers not working? Are ATI drivers not working? Are DVD drivers not working?


Computer errors have mystified average home computer users since the inception of the PC. From the vague “illegal operation” and “stop” errors to errors featuring technical information and numeric codes that only a computer engineer can understand, it’s no wonder users scratch their heads before reinstalling their operating systems in an attempt at a fresh start.

Before you do anything drastic, let’s take a look at common driver-associated errors, and demystify what’s really going on. Remember Driver errors are all easy to fix – just keep all your device drivers Updated!!

Device drivers are the files that facilitate communication between your hardware and devices and the operating system. When drivers are properly installed and working as they should, the device performs as expected. However, when driver-associated errors occur, the computer may generate driver errors such as the driver not found errors, driver import errors, driver installation errors, incompatible driver errors, and waiting for device restart errors. These are among the more common driver-related errors and once you understand them, you’ll have a better understanding of driver errors in general.

The driver is not found errors

These are fairly obvious in that Windows can’t find the device driver. This can happen when a driver did not install properly, the driver file became corrupt, someone accidentally deleted the device driver, a new installation overwrote the device driver, and other scenarios. When this happens, replacing the missing or damaged driver with a clean copy is the solution. Check the device manufacturer’s Web site for the most current version of the device driver for your operating system and then download and install it to your system.

Driver import errors

Driver import errors occur when attempting to install or update device drivers. This could mean that a required file on the driver installation disc or download was missing or corrupt or that Windows couldn’t find the required components, thus the import failed. For example, during driver installations, drivers are typically imported into a folder before being installed. Driver import errors occur during this import phase and are closely related to driver installation errors.

Driver installation errors

Driver installation errors occur when attempting to install a device driver and the installation fails. Drivers are often packages containing numerous files. If any part of the installation package is damaged, the installation will fail and the driver will not be installed. If driver installation errors occur during an update to an existing driver, it’s often possible to roll back to the original driver by using the “roll back driver” function in the Device Manager or performing a System Restore if your computer offers to Restore Points (Windows XP and Vista).

Incompatible driver errors

These errors occur when the wrong device driver was installed. For example, if you have Windows Vista but download the driver built for Windows XP, you will have hardware issues.

Waiting for device restart error

These errors may or may not generate an error box. If you see an error box with this error, you’ll know that you may need to intervene and restart the device or the entire computer system. When installing device drivers, it’s generally a good idea to reboot as many drivers require a system restart in order to complete the installation.

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