MTP USB Drivers – Download For Android

The android MTP USB Drivers provide Application Program Interphase (APIs) that allows the user to interact directly with connected devices including cameras (PTP). The application receives notifications when a device has been attached or removed. It also manages the files and storage on the devices as well as the transfer of files and Metadata from them.

MTP USB Drivers (Official) – Download

Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is the devised set of custom extensions to Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP). It supports the transfer of the following:

  • Music files on digital audio players,
  • Media files of portable media players,
  • Personal information on personal digital assistants.

What are MTP USB Drivers?

MTP has become a big improvement over USB mass storage. In case a device has a lot of internal memory, then the manufacturer no longer needs to come up with hard partitions between the internal storage and USB mass storage. Instead of this, they are both in one partition where MTP provides access to the media files directory which would normally be available through USB mass storage.

This, therefore, means that there would be no need for applications on the SD cards for such devices. This is because what was initially the `internal SD card is now in the same partition as where applications are stored.

Storage on the device can thus be used for either media or applications depending on what the user would like to put on it. In this case, the user does not have to be concerned with the amount of space left for the two areas. In addition, media storage does not have to be unmounted from android when being accessed through the PC.


One of the major advantages of MTP over a USB mass storage device is that the storage device (USB) operates at the granularity of a mass storage device block and more particularly a `FAT block’ instead of at the logical file level. Rather than a file system that would be safely shared by the target device, the USB mass storage class storage has been designed to give the host computer undifferentiated access to bulk mass storage such as compact flash.

MTP USB Drivers Supported Windows

Practically, on the USB host computer mounting an MSC partition, it assumes total control of the storage. This may not be modified safely by the device without risking data corruption until the host computer serves the connection.

There are different varieties of the driver in order to suit the type of device a user has.

The following are some of the Android MTP drivers in the market:

  • Samsung Android MTP USB Drivers
  • Android MTP Galaxy S
  • Android MTP Windows

Windows 11 (64 bit)/ Windows 10/ Windows 10 (32×64 bit)/ Windows 7/ Windows 7 (32×64 bit)/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 8.1 (32×64 bit)/ Windows 8/ Windows 8 (32×64 bit)/ Windows View/ Windows Panorama (32×64 bit)/ Windows XP/ Windows XP (32×64 bit)

With the right software, the user will experience a smooth installation process and uninstallation if need be. This can be safely done from the control panel (add/ remove program).

With numerous free download soft-wares for the android driver, it would be wise for users to be careful when downloading since some of the free downloads contain infected files which would pose a risk for any device on which it is being downloaded. In conclusion, Android MTP USB Drivers is an excellent program that most users would find convenient.

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