Oxygen Pro 61: Should I buy it?

The Oxygen Pro 61 is a powerful, 61-key USB powered MIDI controller that makes music production easier. The Oxygen Pro controllers offer users and artists more expression and creativity, making it easier to bring production ideas to life. These controllers are the ultimate studio and live performance tools, allowing users to focus on creating music instead of programming software. Whether you want to create music on the go or in the studio, the M-Audio Oxygen Pro series is perfectly flexible for your workflow.

The Oxygen Pro 61 controller is easy to use with any DAW, as it automatically maps controls such as Transport, Faders, Channel controls (Record Arm, Solo, Mute, and Select), Pan controls, and more. It can be used with major DAWs like Ableton, Pro Tools, MPC Beats, Cubase, Logic, and Studio One. The Oxygen Pro 61’s controls will be completely integrated into the DAW, and it also maps to all the virtual instruments included with the Oxygen Pro 61, such as Velvet, Mini Grand, Hybrid 3, TubeSynth, Electric, and Bassline.

Oxygen Pro 61 features

The Oxygen Pro 61 features Smart Chord and Smart Scale technology, making it easier to create music and transfer your imagination to your computer. With Smart Chord, pressing a single key or pad will play a full chord, and the rest of the chord’s properties can be determined by the settings you choose. Smart Scale allows you to set the key bed so that only notes in the selected scale can be played, preventing you from playing any “wrong” notes.

Built into the Oxygen Pro 61 are features that are essential to creating modern-day pop, electronic, hip hop, and dance music. Note Repeat and the built-in Arpeggiator allow for precise music production and live sound techniques. Note Repeat allows you to hear a repeated rhythmic pattern at a selectable note division, while the built-in Arpeggiator repeatedly plays the pressed keys in sequence.

The Oxygen Pro 61 has a lightweight chassis and M-Audio PrecisionTouch key bed, combining professional semi-weighted action with advanced high-speed key bed scanning technology for an ultra-expressive playing experience. It also features Channel Aftertouch, which enables you to affect the sound of a virtual instrument plugin by continuously scanning how much pressure you apply to any key after initially pressing it.

Pros & Cons

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Oxygen Pro 61 Video

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Can the Oxygen Pro 61 be used with any DAW?

Yes, the Oxygen Pro 61 is designed to be compatible with all major DAWs.

Does the Oxygen Pro 61 require an external power source?

No, the Oxygen Pro 61 is USB powered and can be connected directly to a computer.

Can I customize the mappings for the controls on the Oxygen Pro 61?

Yes, the Oxygen Pro 61 allows for customization of control mappings through its DAW integration settings.

Can I use the Oxygen Pro 61 for live performances?

Yes, the Oxygen Pro 61 is suitable for both studio and live performances.

Does the Oxygen Pro 61 come with any software?

Yes, the Oxygen Pro 61 comes with world-class Air Music Tech plugins that can be fully controlled by the MIDI controller.


Now that you know the pros & cons, and if it meets your specific requirements, I must say you should go ahead and buy it.

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