Use Coolmuster Android Assistant to Backup and Manage All Your Smartphone Data

The Coolmuster Android Assistant application is a cool utility designed to help users transfer data from their phones to their computers. Below you can find info on how this app is able to successfully move all your important easily without worrying about any accidental factory reset your phone might suffer.

The UI used by the Coolmuster Android Assistant is really user-friendly, as you will simply need to select the Android Assistant option from the toolbox window. All the other features shown in the toolbox window can be installed by clicking them, but you should note that some of those aren’t free to use.You have to simply select the task you wish to perform and then connect your Android smartphone with your computer.

The main features that you will get out of the Coolmuster Android Assistant are:

  • backup and restore smartphone data to your computer with a single click.
  • transfer any type of file such as SMS, music, photos, videos, call logs, contacts and more between phone and computer.
  • manage Android phone contacts straight from your PC.
  • add, delete, remove duplicate contacts from your PC.
  • send and reply to text messages straight from the computer.
  • install Android apps and uninstall them from your computer.
  • import, delete, export and refresh your Android call logs data.
  • export and import contacts from your phone to Outlook.

Here’s how to enable the USB Debugging option on your phone. This makes sure that your phone will be detected by the computer when connected via USB cable: open the Settings menu on your device, go to About Phone> Software Info and here you have to tap 7 times on the Build Number section for the Developer Options menu to be enabled. Go back to Settings, find Developer Options, and open it, scroll down through the menu and enable USB Debugging. You’re done, now you can easily connect your Android phone with your PC and let Coolmuster Android Assistant to help you transfer data between these devices. The guys behind this app are also hosting a complete step-by-step User Guide on their own website.

The Coolmuster Android Assistant is working with all the latest Windows versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP. Also, the app is perfectly compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 and newer versions.

Phone Contents Menu

The app offers a WiFi connection support, too, but I’ve found the USB cable connection easier to work with, as you need to simply enable USB Debugging and then launch the app your PC and connect the phone to your computer. After the phone is connected you will be prompted to install the Coolmuster Android Assistant on your phone, and you simply have to confirm for the process to be completed.

After the app is installed successfully and is running on both PC and Android Smartphone you can start backing up data, and transferring text messages, photos, and any other type of file you might currently have stored on your phone.

If you wish to move contact details, contacts data and other similar contacts info, then you should know that such action is possible, too.

When using the Coolmuster Android Assistant app you can access all your Apps, Contacts, SMS, Music, Photos, Videos, and Books. The Apps menu allows you to Install, Uninstall, and Export apps straight from the Coolmuster desktop app.

The Contacts menu in Coolmuster Android Assistant allows users to create new contacts, delete them, Import contacts from different phones and apps along with their personal info, or it can be used to Export contacts from your phone to another device.

A great feature that I’ve personally used when reviewing this app was the one that allowed me to view all the stored videos I had in my phone. You can rename favorite videos, you can add new videos to your phone by transferring them from your PC, or you can Delete them in bulk or individually. Each video file that you have stored on your phone will appear with their duration, size, format, the date when it was created and a little thumbnail that lets you know what each video is about. If your phone is almost full from all the videos you recorded or received through various social media apps, then you can simply select all of them and delete them all with a couple of clicks.

Coolmuster Android Assistant is an excellent tool for those that are looking to clean, organize and backup their phones fast and easy without any major issues. The Coolmuster Android Assistant is part of a cool program suite that allows you to perform others tasks like: Android Eraser, iOS Assistant, Mobile Transfer, Android Recovery, iTunes Recovery and iOS Eraser. All these extra goodies are not free to use, as you will need to purchase the complete package in order to use them. In order to install these you simply have to click on each item at a time.

The Android Eraser tool is great as it can be used to you remove data from your Android smartphone without worrying about such files being retrieved. The Android Recovery tool allows you to restore some files that you have accidentally deleted from your phone. Android Recovery will only be able to restore files that are salvageable and it won’t work for all types of files, as the retrieval process is complex and some files are completely lost when deleted. Note that these options are both available only if you buy them.

Android Recovery Menu

We hope that you’ve found this post helpful, and that now you’re confident about using the Coolmuster Android Assistant in order to better organize all your Android smartphone data.

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