A lot of users experience a lot of issues when it comes to ATI drivers. In most cases, an ATI video driver update is called for. You will know if you are having problems due to an outdated driver if you are having difficulties launching programs, getting errors, freezes and even constant automatic rebooting which in the long run, can damage your motherboard and other vital computer components, rendering your machine unusable.

ATI Video Driver Update

The problem is that users tend to shrug off the importance of driver update, an ATI video driver update, in this case. While normal random pop-up errors don’t seem so serious, it will eventually lead to a bigger and more serious problem. For example, it can be a failure in initializing a certain program and as the user keeps on trying, the slower the computer gets. It’s not really that difficult to cure this kind of headache. Do it yourself or get an external program to do it for you.

ATI Drivers

DIY ATI video driver update is when you yourself directly go to the website of the respective product and get the driver patched. This is usually the first option of the users because it may seem all so simple. There are two things though that you should be aware of if you don’t want to mess up your computer more. First, a wrong driver may cause your issue to elevate since incompatibility is always a problem with computers. Second, replacing an old driver with an updated one doesn’t necessarily mean that all old driver files are overwritten. File overlapping can cause serious issues too.

On the other hand, you can try using an external program to kiss your outdated driver’s goodbye. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, so a software program called an automatic driver update program has been developed. This program is specially designed to scan your computer for all the drivers that need to be patched, modified and fixed with just a few clicks. An ATI video driver update will be an easy job using this kind of help.