Windows 7 on fire 2 already sold 150 M licenses

Microsoft continues to break records with its latest operating system, Windows 7 since according to the Redmond company, the platform would have already managed to sell 150 million units since its launch, last October.

This confirms that the latest version of the company’s operating system is the one that sold the fastest in the market and, according to Brandon LeBlanc, head of Microsoft communications, a copy of the software would be sold every 7 seconds.

Windows 7 on fire 2 already sold 150 M licenses

In addition, these figures would ratify the trend that LeBlanc published last January when it announced that, in three months, 60 million Windows 7 licenses had already been sold, a figure that rose to 90 million licenses in March, and which led Microsoft to consider reaching 300 million copies sold this 2010.

Microsoft says that the good progress of Windows 7 has a lot to do with the great adoption it is having among companies, who for the most part would not have migrated from XP to the problematic Vista and were waiting for a new OS.

Undoubtedly, these figures cause Microsoft to be optimistic about the future of Windows 7 sales, while still working on what will be the next version of its operating system, which is expected to be available in 2011, at least that It is speculated after a former employee of the company revealed that the RTM version of Windows 8 is scheduled for a year from now.

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