How To Add Windows Live Messenger MSN On iChat Mac OS X

iChat is the native built-in instant messenger in Mac OS X. I love to use it as it is a very responsive, clean, and fast communication tool. I wish to integrate all my communication account to iChat instead of opening several communication apps. All in one communication tool in iChat is ideal for me. I got my Facebook chat on iChat, as well as Gmail chat with iChat. I feel to have MSN (Windows Live Messenger) integrated too. This entry will help you to add MSN as one of the accounts in iChat.

  1. First, you need an additional app named Cocoon. it is the plugin to help you integrate your MSN account to iChat.
  2. Download Cocoon and install it on your Mac.
  3. Install Cocoon into your Mac OS X. In my case, I installed it in my iMac.
  4. You will be requested to log off your Mac and re-login.
  5. After re-login, go to your iChat.
  6. Go to the accounts tab, and press the + button.
  7. You should see the selection below. Choose MSN, key in your MSN account & password.
  8. Press done to continue.
  9. You should receive msg from Cocoon if your account is set up completely.

Enjoy your MSN iChat. I feel very comfortable having all accounts in iChat. Hope you enjoy it too. Feel free to drop me a comment.

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