Windows Update Failure? How to Fix That

Windows Updates fail every time, advice?

Windows Updates and Peak System Performance

Keeping your computer operating system up to date is important for optimal performance, but this can be hard to do when the updates fail to install properly. Microsoft operating system and update glitches are well-known and common, but there are also a lot of support options available.

Using Microsoft Knowledge Base Support

Fortunately, Microsoft offers fairly straight-forward instructions to troubleshoot Windows Update on their Support pages. The downside is that the instructions vary from update to update, rather than treating the failure problem generally. Some users report this problem as specifically associated with Windows 7, 10 & 11. In some cases, running the Windows Update sequence twice in a row allows the failed updates to install properly.

Windows Update Failure
Example of Windows Failed

Update Failure Installation Error Code

Microsoft offers detailed information and support for users to attempt to resolve errors on a case by case basis. To troubleshoot the problem issue by issue, the first step is to find the installation error code in the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

    • 1. Click the Start button, then choose All Programs
    • 2. Select Windows Update or Microsoft Update
    • 3. Next, select Review Update History to open a record of all installed and failed updates
    • 4. You will see a Status column on the window, find the failed update and then click the red X to display the error code
    • 5. Make note of the error code for the next step
    • 6. You can try choosing Find Solutions on the error code window to see if you can resolve the issue this way
    • 7. If you can’t find the solution this way, take the error code and enter it on the Windows Knowledge Base website.

    There are also some other options to try and resolve Windows Update failures that vary depending on your operating system. If you aren’t able to resolve the problem with the Microsoft Knowledge Base support pages, you might consider troubleshooting your particular operating system. There are options to attempt an operating system repair, or re-install the system that you might want to consider. You can write again with more specific information about your system and we can take it from there.

    Good luck!

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